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Quick help

The basics - the startup guide
A quick guide on how to use the program and some of its features

Some of the frequently asked questions, many answers are there

Common errors and problems
Read about some of the most common issues using the program and their solution

Help topics and guides

AWB stock numbers and other documents' numbers
Automatically assign numbers to AWBs and other documents

Shared database
Share the same database with other computers and have access to the same data from all computers

Internet database
Use this service we provide at no additional cost to easily share data

Guide on how to configure PostgreSQL to use with AWB Editor

Microsoft SQL Server
Guide on how to configure MS SQL Server to use with AWB Editor

Make the users log in the program for added security and tracking features

Log and trash bin
See what has been done with the documents, access previous versions and recover deleted documents

eAWB / Cargo-IMP
Transmit AWBs electronically to airlines

A guide on how to print with information about the settings

Avoid re typing similar documents by using templates

Volumetric weight
Make the program calculate the volumetric weight of your freight automatically

Store other charges rate information in the program

Export listings of AWBs and Invoices to Excel to analyze them

Store your contacts' information in the program and avoid reentering it all the time

Keep track of packages in your warehouses and other locations

Migrate to a new computer
Learn how to move your program to a new computer