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Frequently Asked Questions:


Are AWBs printed with AWB Editor accepted by airlines?

Yes they are. AWBs printed with AWB Editor strictly follow IATA´s Resolution 600a that defines the AWB. You can print AWBs on blank A4 or US Letter paper on a laser printer and airlines will accept them. You can even print them only in black.

How do I print the conditions of contract on the back of the AWBs?

When printing, on the right in the option that says "Print conditions on back" set it to "yes".

What printers are supported?

Any printer should work fine with AWB Editor.

  • For AWBs on blank paper a laser printer is suggested as ink is more resident to water
  • For AWBs on preprinted forms any dot matrix/impact printer will work.
  • Labels can be printed on any label printer or regular printer as the program does not use any printer-specific language or features.

How to renew a license?

From the program go to Help->License and click on the "Renew" button, a link should get open in your web browser. If that does not work then go to http://awbeditor.com/renew.php

How can I enter AWB stock number?

Read the AWB stock numbers section in the manual

Can I move program/license to a new computer?

The short answer is yes, you can. Just enter your license key in the new computer. You can also copy the data by using the Backup/Restore features in File->Configuration; at the bottom of the Database section you will find the functionalities.

For more information read the "Migrate to a new computer" section in the manual.

Is Windows 10 supported?

Yes it is. You can safely update to Windows 10.

Why the volumetric weight is not calculated?

To learn how to make the program calculate the volumetric weight please read the "Volumetric weight" section in the help.