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Common errors and problems:


Printer not accepting jobs

Sometimes this error appears, to solve it try the following:

  • Verify that the printer is connected, if it is a network printer make sure it is accessible
  • Re start the computer - many times this solves this issue

Problems with the updater

It is known that the updater does not work on all the computer, or sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. We have not been able to find the cause of this error yet.

The only solution when getting this kind of problems is downloading the program installer from the website's download page and re install the program. There is no need to uninstall the previous error and no data will be lost during the re installation.

If you would like to help us solve this issue please submit an error report, you can do that in Help->Error report. Error reports may contain useful information to solve issues.

Data missing from the database

Sometimes, especially after an update, the database gets empty or only very old data is available. This is generally caused by the program getting misconfigured. Note that the program under no circumstances will delete any data.

To solve this go to File->Configuration and in the "Local desktop database" configuration click on "search for databases" and select the biggest database. Then click on "Save changes" and re start the program.

If you are using a shared database then make sure it is properly configured.

On screen fonts

If for some reason the fonts in the program (in the screen, not the ones in the forms when you print them) are too big or too small then you can change them. You can do it by changing the invocation parameters of the program. There are two parameters that you can modify:

  • forcefontsize
  • forcefont

One changes the size and the other the type of font.

To enter this properties in Windows, right click on the program's icon and select "Properties", then in the "Shortcut" tab, in Target add the properties at the end. For example you can enter:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\AWBEditor\AWBEditor.exe" forcefontsize=11

This will just change the size of the fonts. Or you can enter this to change both font size and type:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\AWBEditor\AWBEditor.exe" forcefontsize=11 forcefont=Courier

Errors and the error report

If you get any error in the program then you can submit an error report, they contain a log of the program's current and previous execution as well as the log of the update. These logs might contain useful information for us to solve problems.

So when you get any error it is a good idea to submit an error report as they will help us solve problems faster.

Cannot open the program

If you cannot open the program then try the following:

  • Re install the program. You can download the latest version of the program from our website. There is no need to uninstall the previous error and no data will be lost during the re installation.
  • Re install Java, you can get the latest version from: https://java.com/download

If nothing of that helps, please write us to support@awbeditor.com

MacOS: "AWB Editor" is damaged and can't be opened

This issue is caused by the fact that the AWB Editor's executable file is not signed. There are two solutions to this problem:

Solution I: security preferences
In System Preferences > Security & Privacy:
Set "Allow Applications Downloaded From" to 'Anywhere'.
You have to click the lock on the bottom to make changes. Once you start up "AWB Editor.app", you can change it back to 'Mac App Store and identified developers'.

Solution II: command line
If none of the previous solutions work you might have to also execute the following command in the terminal window and re try the previous solutions:

chmod +x ~/Desktop/AWB\ Editor.app/Contents/MacOS/JavaApplicationStub

These solutions were taken from a forum of Minecraft, a popular game developed in Java that also suffers from this issue. You can see the original thread here

Recover a database file / Location of database

The database file and the configuration files are located in the following locations:

Windows Vista/7/8 %LOCALAPPDATA%\AWBEditor
Windows 2000/XP \Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\AWBEditor
MacOS ~/Library/Application Support/AWBEditor
Linux and others ~/.awbeditor

The program can use one of two database (at first it used one but then we changed it as some users had problems with the first one), so the database files can be one of:

  • awbeditor.db located in the data folder. This is a SQLite database.
  • The files database/awbeditor.lobs, database/awbeditor.scripts, database/awbeditor.properties. This is an HSQLDB.

To access these files in Window open the Windows Explorer and in the address bar enter %LOCALAPPDATA% then open the AWBEditor folder.

If in there you find a file named awbeditor.db that is about big (typically databases files are more than 1MB) then that is your file. If you find a subfolder named database then those are your database files.