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Web AWB Editor FAQ


Are AWBs printed with AWB Editor accepted by airlines?

Yes they are. AWBs printed with AWB Editor strictly follow IATA´s Resolution 600a that defines the AWB. You can print AWBs on blank A4 or US Letter paper on a laser printer and airlines will accept them. You can even print them only in black.

How do I print the conditions of contract on the back of the AWBs?

When printing, in the option that says "Conditions on reverse" set it to "On originals 1, 2 and 3" or "On all copies"

What printers are supported?

Any printer should work fine with AWB Editor.

  • For AWBs on blank paper a laser printer is suggested as its ink/toner is more resident to water
  • For AWBs on preprinted forms any dot matrix/impact printer will work
  • Labels can be printed on any label printer or regular printer as the program does not use any printer-specific language or features

How can I enter AWB stock number?

Read the stock numbers section in the quick startup guide

Are phone and tables supported?

Yes and no. Web AWB Editor webapp will work on new phones and tables, however current it is not optimized for small screens so the layout of the page will look odd in phones. In tables it will work much better.

Are old computers supported?

Yes, *but* as long as it has a relatively new web browser. If you have trouble using Web AWB Editor in your old browser try the latest versions of Firefox or Chrome

How to get volumetric weight calculated?

Currently volumetric weight is not supported in Web AWB Editor, however it will be supported very soon.

Is it possible to migrate from the desktop version to the web version?

Currently it is not possible to migrate from the desktop version to the web version, or share data between the two versions. This is because the web version uses a completely different database. However the idea is to make it possible for desktop users to move to the web version.