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Pricing - how use is charged

Rates table

All prices are in U.S. Dollars

Package 1

Package 2

Package 3

Package 4

Price USD 50 USD 150 USD 400 USD 1000
Documents included * 60 200 700 2500
Validity ** 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year
Transmission of FWB / eAWB / Cargo-IMP messages surcharges
Over the internet No surcharges ***
SITA USD 0.2 per message sent ***
* only AWBs, FWBs, FHLs, XFWBs, XFZBs, BLs and DGDs are counted
* when printing and sending a MAWB and FWB for the same master, only one is charged
* when printing and sending a HAWB and FHL with the same master and number, only one is charged
** if all documents in a package are used, a new package can be purchase before the expiration of the first one to better match your needs/use. For example purchase Package 2 and then purchase it again 10 months later.
*** type of transmission depends on type of connection with the airline


In Web AWB Editor, when using the "pay as you go" plan, you are charged per document that is printed or transmitted. Note that you can print or transmit a document more than once and you will only be charged once.

In case of MAWB-FWB and HAWB-FHL you are only charged once per master or house. For example you can create a FWB, transmit it and then print it as a MAWB, in this case you will only be charged once, that is only for the FWB or only for the MAWB.

SITA charges

In case of sending or receiving messages using the SITA/ARINC network you will be charged per message. This charge applies to both the pay as you go plan (in addition to the FWB or FHL charge) and the unlimited plan, and it also applies to re transmissions.

List of charges

You may check what you have been charged for in Menu -> Configuration -> Billing